January 23, 2017

SWOT analysis of Sunsilk – Sunsilk SWOT analysis

The hair care experts of the century, Sunsilk is one brand which is known to love your Hair and get it straight or curly or dark or smooth or just the way you like it. From the house of Hindustan Unilever, Sunsilk is a popular brand in the Hair care segment and works with various brand names. It is known as Sedal in Latin America, Seda in Brazil and Elidor in Turkey.

Here is the SWOT analysis of Sunsilk.

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Sunsilk

Unique Marketing strategy – One of the key takeaways of the marketing strategy of Sunsilk is the fact that they brought in Hair care experts to design each type of heir shampoos and each one of their shampoos is endorsed by a Global hair care expert. Naturally, the shampoos have a global pull because just like you go to a restaurant when you hear the name of a star chef, you will buy a shampoo when you know a star expert has designed them with hand picked ingredients. Furthermore, the ads are designed so that each hair care expert is [Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Vaseline – Vaseline SWOT analysis

Vaseline is a very popular product for both – kids as well as adults and is used to make the skin soft as well as for diaper rashes and for cuts and burns. It was invented by Mr Robert Chesebrough  in 1859 and was initially called Wonder Jelly. However, Mr Chesebrough wanted to Patent it and hence he chose the combination of the words Water and Oil in German and Greek respectively to patent it as Vaseline. And what a wonder Vaseline has been since the ages!!

The core product of Vaseline is a petroleum jelly which is most commonly used. The brand Vaseline has become generic for Petroleum jelly so that instead of calling it as petroleum jelly, people just call it as Vaseline. That’s the popularity of the brand name. But lately, since the acquisition by HUL, Vaseline has expanded into several skin care product lines looking at its already flourishing brand equity.

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Vaseline

Brand recall is high – Vaseline has been around since 1859 and very few brands can boast of such an ancient heritage. It has soothed skin since ages and has perfected the art so it is loved across the globe for its abilities. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the brand recall is high. The brand is generic for Petroleum jelly. [Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Ponds – Ponds SWOT analysis

Pond’s is one of the leading Skin care brands by HUL and has an ancient heritage. It is existing since the 1840’s since the time it as established through research by Mr Pond’s after whom the brand is named. Since then, Pond’s has its presence in various types of Skin care products, most prominent of which is Pond’s powders, beauty products, age miracle products, cold cream as well as the recently launched men’s care products.

Here is the SWOT analysis of Ponds.

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Ponds

Strong player in Skin care – Pond’s is one of the strongest players in the Skin care market. It literally dominates the middle and affordable priced segment and is the product of choice for the masses. It has strong mass appeal. [Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Dove – Dove SWOT analysis

Dove is one of the strongest brands in the product portfolio of Hindustan Unilever. Dove has presence in various products such as Soap for Men and Women, Shampoos, deodarants, body washes and others. The history of Dove soap is very interesting.

Dove was invented in the World war second when Soldiers used to Bath with Sea water. Thus, they needed a soap which was good with Sea water and Dove was excellent with it. But once the war was over, Dove was useless because it could not be used with normal water. It was quite strong. So the R&D added Cream along with Soap so that Dove could be smoothly used with normal water. The product was thus very cleansing and yet very soothing in nature. [Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Bank of America – Bank of America SWOT

Bank of America is an American company involved in the business of financial services and multinational banking.

Bank of America is the second largest bank in America by market capitalisation after J. P. Morgan Chase and the largest in terms of bank holding.

The bank is a very popular brand and operates through a large chain of ATMs and banking centres and also provides its customers with the latest facilities in banking. [Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Barclays – Barclays SWOT analysis

Barclays is a British company that is one of the biggest players in the banking and financial services space. It has businesses in retail, wholesale as well as investment banking and is a very popular brand.

The bank operates its businesses in two clusters. The first is the Corporate and Investment Banking and Wealth and Investment Management cluster and the second is the Retail and Business Banking. [Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Dettol – Dettol SWOT analysis

Dettol is one of the top brands from the house of Reckitt benckiser. It is known to be a household brand and is the first brand to be remembered when anyone needs an anti septic location. In fact, a few years back, dettol had become a generic brand name for all anti septic lotions as hardly anything else was used.

One of the strong points in the SWOT analysis of Dettol is its product as well as its brand equity. As Dettol has been around for ages, people trust it blindly. In fact, till date doctors too use dettol instead of any other anti septic. [Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Microsoft – Microsoft SWOT analysis

There is no doubt that Microsoft is one of the leading technology giants in the world. Microsoft windows OS is one of the most user friendly operating system, one of the reasons for its very fast adoption and usage across the world. It is also the reason that Microsoft is one of the toughest brands in the software market to beat. It is literally dominant due to its Office software and Operating system.

Here is the SWOT analysis of Microsoft

[Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Hindustan Unilever – HUL SWOT analysis

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Hindustan Unilever ( HUL )

1) Brand visibility – From soap to mineral water, HUL is shaping the life of 1.3 billion people daily. Being in consumer goods market with its 20 consumer categories such as soap, tea, detergents, shampoo etc. & each having large assortments, helped HUL in occupying the large shelf space of Grocery /departmental stores which itself explains the acceptance/demand of their products in the market.

2) Market leader in consumer goods: According to Nielsen data 2 out of three Indian consumers use HUL products. HUL used selective targeting strategy to emerge as a market leader in the Indian market.

3) Innovative FMCG Company: Hindustan Unilever Research center (HURC),Mumbai & Unilever Research India, Bangalore ,both research facilities were bought together in a single site in Bangalore in 2006.Employees in this facility continuously  working & developing innovations in products & manufacturing processes which is helping the HUL to set it as front-runner in the consumer goods market.

4) Extensive & integrated distribution system: HUL’s brands are now household name which is only possible due to its 4 tier distribution system namely

  • a) Direct Coverage through common stockist within a town of population under 50000 people.
  • b) Indirect coverage: Villages closer to larger urban markets have been targeted.
  • c) Streamline: Leveraging the rural wholesale market to reach markets inaccessible by road.
  • d) Project SHATKI AMMA: It targeted the very small villages (2000 population) & tapped into pre-existing women’s SHG (self-help groups). Markets have been segmented based on their accessibility & business potential.

5) High Brand awareness: By signing popular celebrities for the advertisements of their products HUL has created positive word of mouth over the ages which helped them in social acceptance of their products intelligently targeted & meant for different income groups.

6) Product line: It offers product categories namely oral care, personal care, household surface, fabric care and pet nutrition etc. having deep assortments across the product categories.

7) Financial position: Having more than 80 years of experience in the consumer goods market & backed by Unilever who owns 67% controlling share in HUL, It is financially strong.

8) Market share: Through high penetration in the market, HUL had managed to hold their high market share in different product categories.

9) Share of Wallet: Whether one buys surf /wheel /Rin detergent it will go to HUL’s pockets. HUL strategy to offer different products for different income groups (selective targeting) has been successful in having share of wallet of a consumer. [Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Johnson and Johnson – J & J SWOT

One of the strongest names in the world for Baby products and as a pharmaceutical company is Johnson and Johnson. Here is the SWOT analysis of Johnson and Johnson.

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Johnson and Johnson

  1. Largest Healthcare provider: From pharmaceutical products to Consumer healthcare products, J & J is operating in three segments: Consumer Products, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices and Diagnostics. Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies for over 125 years has committed itself to caring for people. Johnson and Johnson’s corporate structure is based on a decentralized management philosophy due to which there are low or no internal management conflict cases in the company till now.
  2. Broad brand portfolio: Johnson & Johnson have strong presence within each product categories. They have deep assortments & large number of brands to choose from which is helping them to occupy large shelf space of the stores resulting into high visibility in the market.
  3. Trusted brand: Johnson & Johnson is a brand trusted by many medical practitioners & parents around the world. Johnson & Johnson’s increased focus on tailoring business to local markets had helped them in being relevant to consumer demand.
  4. Strategic merger & acquisition: Through mergers & acquisitions with various consumer health care & pharmaceuticals companies like Neutrogena, Alza, Scios, Pfizer consumer healthcare and many more, Johnson & Johnson has created a pool of technological & operational advancement which is helping the company in its further growth.
  5. Supply chain: It has extensive & robust distribution system meant for making the products available to retail outlets, super markets & medical stores even in the remotest rural areas.
  6. Brand equity: It is the 79th highest ranked brand in the world in 2016.

[Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Baidu – Baidu SWOT analysis

Baidu is a China based web services company. Baidu offers many services, among which is a search engine for audio files, websites and images.

The Baidu search engine is like Google and is the biggest player in China. The fact that Google does not operate in China, helps it even more in gaining market share. [Read more…]