January 24, 2017

Buyer Seller Dyads

The term dyad is used for interactions between people. Thus buyer seller interactions can also be said as buyer seller dyads. The seller can either be a personal salesman, or an advertisement, or any such combination of a pull or push strategy. However, this interaction between buyer and seller is known as buyer seller dyad.

Organization buying

The objective of a marketers is to optimally utilize buyer seller dyads or in other words to have interactions in such a manner that the customer buys our products. That is why so much market research is put into developing an ad copy or into training a sales executive. Because they are the main interaction point.

Example – Research has shown that in the Insurance industry, people are more ready to buy insurance from a representative they know personally rather than from a company representative. Thus insurance companies took a stand of making sales agents rather than hiring them because these agents through their contacts are able to sell insurance much better.

Marketing implications of buyer seller dyads

  • Sales personnel should be matched with the customer so as to increase interaction. Do not hire a sales executive in one demography to represent the company in another demography altogether.
  • A factor majorly affecting buyer seller dyads is the impression brought on from childhood that sales and marketing involves tricking the customer into buying the product. This too affects the interaction process
  • Sales people are stereotyped even before their pitch. Thus they need to be trained in such a manner that they overcome the resistance so as to have a positive interaction.

Selling is a two way process involving both the consumer and the marketer, a buyer and a seller. Hence the study of buyer seller dyads is extremely important.

Any further examples you have of buyer seller dyads are welcome.

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