June 29, 2016

Modern Customer oriented organizational chart

Modern customer oriented organizational chart

The importance of customers as well as the dissemination of information over time has caused customers to reach the top of the organizational pyramid. This is what is known as the modern customer oriented organizational chart.

Traditionally, the organization chart composed of the top management being given the most importance, the middle management were secondary and they too were involved in decision making. The middle management issued orders to the front liners who finally interacted with customers. Thus customers were the last of the organizational pyramid and decision making still resided on top management.

Times have changed however. Nowadays, customers are the king. It is based on the customer that new products are decided. It is the customers whom even the top management listens. And it is the customers who get the complete attention of the whole organization. Thus they become the apex and the traditional organizational chart takes a 180 degree turn.

In the modern customer oriented organizational design, customers are the apex and are at the top of the organization. Front liners too have received importance because they interact regularly with customers and the fundamentals of 360 degree feedback have been brought forward. As in the organizational chart, the front liners are followed by the middle management and finally by the top management.

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