January 23, 2017


Efficient organization of time and through planning of work are earmarks of above-average salespersons. They look for ways to “stretch” productive selling time. They arrange travel and call schedules to economize on time spent enroute and distance travelled. They make appointments to avoid prolonged waiting for callbacks. They do not waste time trying to sell to people who cannot buy or are not likely to do so. The planning work, which is essential in eliminating calls on no buyers, is called prospecting.


Improvement in prospecting is one way to stretch productive selling time. Many sales personnel devote too little time to prospecting and, as a consequence, too much to calling on nonprospects. Salespersons who are proficient in prospecting apply their selling efforts productively; they do not call on nonprospects and can devote their full attention to those likely to buy.

Some companies use specialized personnel for prospecting, but most regard it as one of the salesperson’s they often have access to information on likely prospects that is not available to central office personnel.

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