January 23, 2017

7 business locations that increase brand visibility

Marketing has changed and it has become more personal. People nowadays need convenience and you cannot expect that your customer will come to you. You will have to go to your customer again and again so that he does not switch to any other brand. Remember that your customer has numerous options in his hand. Thus your business needs to present in locations where the customer can make his buying decision easily.

This is where your business location plays an important role. The process of managing a business is continually changing but more importantly with the advent of online marketing, your business location itself has changed. Because of the increasing usage of internet, Smart phones too are the latest trend and hence the reach of internet is now quadrupled. But it is not necessary that your customer be present only on the internet. Brick businesses are as alive today as online businesses. Below you will find a list of 7 business locations that you should be present in to harness your brand to its maximum potential.

Business locations to increase brand visibility

1) Online – Websites – You need your own website. Preferably one where the content has been written by a marketing professional, there are several call to action buttons and if you have the budget than you need to do SEO on your website which is the differentiating factor between casual and professional websites.

2) Online – Directories and classifieds – Justdial.com which is India’s leading directory portal has recently gone for its IPO in India. This goes on to show how important is the role of online classifieds in today’s market. If you are not present in these directories, you might as well be absent for most of your customers who are using the online medium to get in contact with sellers.

3) Online – Emails – Online emails – having email subscribers and updating them with the latest offers as well as informing them of development in products is a smart way to use email marketing. Ebay, Snapdeal and any other portal involved in selling products online drives a major chunk of their business by attracting customers through email. Email as a marketing medium is majorly used for the services sector such as for travels, hospitality and real estate. Till date very few consumer products are investing in email marketing. However, if used properly, email can become a personalised medium for delivering the right marketing communications to your target customer.

4) Mobile – SMS – Although SMS marketing is becoming outdated, still there are ways in which you can use SMS as a very smart marketing tactic. Dominos uses SMS to update their consumers on the latest offer on Pizzas. Many fashion outlets SMS their customers when there is a sale in the offing. My local car repair shop guys sms me when my car is due for servicing. Thus although you should not irritate customers by sending them SMS’s rigorously, but SMS marketing can play a big role in retaining customer.

5) Malls – In this hectic life, all your customers want convenience. And a mall is equivalent to an all in one market where a customer can get things as mundane as a mobile cover to things as useful as entertainment and daily purchases. Buying in a mall makes sense because you save your time and the rates are cheaper due to economies of scale. Because of this mindset, it is necessary that you have a mall as your business location. Your customer is already in the mood to purchase once he enters a mall.

6) Targeted territories – Where malls are for consumer products, commercial products will find a better response if they are physically present in their desired target market. For example dealers of air conditioners and spare parts will have a larger market if they are present in an industrial zone. Consumer products which are targeting the cream of the society better not wait for the customers to come to the mall. They need to have their own outlets in A listed areas. if you are close to your target market, sale will automatically happen.

7) People’s minds – Advertising – The key to enter peoples mind is advertising and marketing communications. If you want customers to switch over to your brand or if you want to retain existing customers with you, then you need to advertise. Positioning your brand in the right way in customer mind is necessary in today’s competitive environment.

This is a buyer’s market and you as a seller need to be present where the customer is ready to buy. Thus your business location plays a crucial in the success of your business.

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