January 16, 2017

6 smart Sales techniques for retail sales person

In today’s competitive environment, the job of a retail sales person is difficult and he needs to have a lot of sales techniques up his sleeve. Selling in a retail environment is tougher than others. This is because a lot of consumer products have come in the market, which sell mainly through the retail environment.

Plus the competition in these products is too high with multiple brands fighting for the same category and the same exposure. Laptops, Tablets, Televisions, Washing machines, Air conditioners are examples of product categories where there is huge competition and even small advantages can be turned in to USP’s.

Sales technique for retail sales person

So how do you sell in retail and what are the sales techniques which a retail sales person can apply?

1) Presentation– A retail Sales person needs to have presentation and self grooming. He should be very much aware of his self image and the image he portrays to a walk in customer.

Remember, that customers are capable of deciding whether or not they are going to buy from a showroom in the first minute itself. The self image of the sales person, as well as the display of the products is critical in presentation.

2) Understanding the customer – A retail sales person needs to be a reader of people. He should be able to differentiate people on the basis of small gestures. A person’s financial background, the class he comes from and his expectation from a retail store are apparent from the way a customer walks and talks in front of a retail sales person. Thus these cues are not to be missed.

Furthermore, the customer might have some unstated needs which he cannot talk about. For example he might like a lower priced product or even a premium product. In such times, it is important that the sales person understand the customer and display the right kind of product to him.

3) Knowledge of the product – A customer who is passionate about a brand or a product will be turned off if the sales person is unable to impart knowledge of the product. Today the best retail chains display laptops with all the necessary information like RAM, processor and hard disk already shown on the laptop.

But on the other hand, there are so many smart phones in the market that the sales person needs to have knowledge of each product such that he can answer customer’s questions confidently. If the sales person has to go to someone else to get questions answered then in that time the customer might lose his purchase edge and might just walk away by losing interest instead of making a purchase.

4) Awareness of the competition – You need to win from your competition. For that, first you need to know what your competition is offering. If the customer talks to you about one USP which the competition has, than you need to have another USP which your product can provide to the customer and which is better than the competition.

Only via this exchange, the customer will gain confidence on your product and think of purchasing. If the customer mentions a USP of the competition and you keep mum because you don’t know about it, than the customer is likely to head over to the competition.

5) Follow ups – A regular follow up is the key to closing a customer. Several times, a purchase may be in the back of the mind for a customer. However, reminding him of the purchase is the job of a retail sales executive. At the same time, many customers will also look at the interest level which a company is showing during the time of purchase.

If the company has a professional approach during purchase, than it is bound to have a good after sales backup as well. Thus, your follow up gives trust to the customer that he is dealing with a professional and interested company rather than dealing with a lethargic and no commitment company.

6) Being smarter than the customer – You have the knowledge. You have the confidence. You know the product inside out. The only thing you have to do is to let the customer make the decision. But if you are a smart sales guy, you will know that you can steer the customer to make a decision that you want.

The very first thing you need is to understand what the customer wants. After that, you can customize your offering as per what your customer wants. This leads the customer through a smooth sales process and he doesn’t feel pushed. Instead he is being offered what he wants in a polite manner. The customer thus makes the final purchase decision quite easily.

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