January 20, 2017

Types of Sales Organizations – Committee Sales Organization

In committee sales organization the committee is never the sole basis for organizing a sales department. It is a method organizing the executive group for planning and policy formulation while leaving actual operations, including implementation of plans and policies, to individual executives.

Thus, many firms have a sales training committee (comprised of the general sales manger, his or her assistants, the sale training manager, and perhaps representative divisional or regional sales mangers) that meets periodically to draft training plans and formulate sales training policies. Implementation of these plans and polices, however is the responsibility of the sales training manger, if the company has one, or of the line and or staff executives responsible for sales training in their own jurisdictions.

Committee sales organization

Other committees found in sales organization include customer relations, operation, personnel, merchandising, and new products. The use of committees in the sales department has advantages. Before policies are made and action is taken, important problems are deliberated by committee members and are measured against varied viewpoints. Committee meetings, where idea are interchanged and diverse opinions are present, promote coordination among members of the executive team. When problems are aired in the give and take of committee meetings, cooperation is likely to be better than under any other organization plan. Co – ordination is of utmost importance in Committee sales organization.

However, unless decision-making and policy formulation are left to specific individuals, it is impossible to fix responsibility. Committees render their most important service in providing focal points for discussion and for the making of suggestions; so many companies prohibit committees from making decision or formulating policies. No committee should development in to a vehicle for the evasion of responsibility.

For committees to operate effectively, other precautions are necessary. The agents must be planned and controlled to avoid wasting time of executives not directly interested in the topics considered. The tendency for committees to consume large amount of the counteracted if the chairperson keeps the discussion focused upon the subject at hand. But the chairperson should not dominate. Chairpersons should guide discussion within specified bounds, but they should not force their opinions on others.

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