January 24, 2017

7 Reasons McDonalds is unbeatable as a fast food brand

The name McDonald itself brings water to my mouth because of their very very tasty food menu and especially because of their hallmark burgers. Kids as well as adults from around the world love McDonalds and it is a breakfast as well as a fast food home to many. So what are the factors which make people love McDonalds so much? Lets find out.

McDonalds as a brand

1) The menu / Product Portfolio – McDonalds is the leading king in the burgers arena with the other king (burger king) not far behind. The reason for the success of McDonalds is that it is ready to diversify its products as per the country it enters. Thus, you will find the menu different in USA, UK as well as Asian countries. When you are ready to customize as per local taste, you will be hit locally. Thus, it is no doubt that McDonalds has 35000 outlets worldwide and a presence in 118 countries. So basically, if a single outlet sells 3 burgers a minute, Mcdonalds would probably sell 1 lakh burgers within a minute. So what else makes the McDonalds unbeatable?

2) Operations Just think about the expansive operations which Mcdonalds needs to take to provide its burgers to so many people across the globe. Not only burgers, Mcdonalds has a tie up for many different food products. Many of these products are sourced from smaller companies who mass manufacture for the fast food giant. Similarly, beverages for instance are taken care of by Coca cola only and it is the sole supplier for all McDonalds outlets. Thus handling such large operations in itself is mind boggling and Mcdonalds does it perfectly.

3) Supply Chain – You will hardly ever hear a McDonalds say that they are out of stock and they cannot give you your favorite burger in time. This might happen over a very hectic weekend on on peak of festivals. But other then that, McDonalds supply chain is flawless – from the procurement of raw material to the supply of the end product.

4) Franchise concept – Because McDonalds offers franchise’s, its growth has been very fast. The margins that McDonalds takes from franchise’s are high but at the same time, the brand as well as the product are always upto mark making the franchise concept a huge success for the brand. The layout of the store, the colors used and the overall ambiance is such that you feel home at a McDonalds across the world. Due to this concept, McDonalds finds a presence in 118 countries and it is growing stronger and faster then ever.

5) Consistency – McDonalds has always been a consistent brand, with strong focus on quality. This is one of the reasons that the brand has bounced back even after many controversies which point fingers at McDonalds. Bad experiences have happened with bad things being found in McDonalds food. However, this has not affected the brand globally and from a hiccup here or there, the company has always bounced back.

6) Brand elements – From colors of yellow and red, to advertising whenever a local outlet has opened, to the bright menu behind the Mcdonalds counter, to the chairs and tables which are polished and always in a specific layout, to the way people in a Mcdonalds always behave nicely, there are many brand elements which contribute towards making McDonalds an admired brand.

7) The happiest brand mascot ever –

Ronald McDonald

No one has as big a smile as Ronald McDonald. And why should the smile not be there? The company is growing successfully, children love the brand and so do adults. And we all love Ronald, dont we? Ronald is a friend to everyone at your local McDonalds outlet (He is often found sitting and smiling on a bench). At the same time, he is present across the globe and greets people on vacations and over the weekends. We are glad he is watching over us when we enter a McDonalds.

What are the other reasons that you think McDonalds is such a great fast food chain? Enlighten us with your thoughts.

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