January 22, 2017

Marketing Mix of DANNON – DANNON Marketing Mix

French-based Food Company involved in a variety of food products and beverages. It started in the year 1942 with the sole product yogurt and today they are one of the best in the food and beverage industry. Focused on the dairy products the company establishes itself in different countries. It basically serves more than 200 variety of products under the four broad segments namely fresh dairy products, water, Early nutrition and medical nutrition.

Food Industry has great competition ahead as the multiple players in the field makes the environment completely competitive. Competition in the food industry in a way is a good lead for the consumers as they tend to get quality and variety products. Below are few notable competitors of DANNON:

  • Nestlé
  • Kraft
  • PepsiCo.
  • Coca-Cola Company
  • Unilever

Product Mix in the Marketing mix of DANNON :

They have a complete range of natural ingredients food to keep the interest of the customers at bay. Health is necessary and that is why their products focus on high quality and natural ingredients. More than 200 varieties of dairy products including the flavoured yogurts, low-fat yogurts, healthy and nutrition rich yogurts tops the list of dairy products

Besides they have light weight snacks which are healthy and packed with enormous nutritional values.  They are listed on the top when it comes to the snacks

Marketing Mix of DANNON

Place in the Marketing mix of DANNON :

Dannon is an American based international country with world – wide delivery. It has great consumer market in U.S.A with the Europe as consumer centre. They owe a worldwide presence. Their production is not limited to U.K. but they have few types of yogurts prepared in France as well. They with the strategical approach are trying to flourish over the different markets.

Price in the Marketing mix of DANNON :

The more you get to know about the company the more characteristics are attached to it. High-quality dairy products and especially the low fat and light yogurt is the best. Looking at the quality of the products and the brand name the Dannon chooses to have premium pricing policy. They have multiple ranges of products with the different pricing on different products. But, definitely, they choose to target the high – income group as their customers. Definitely, the pricing policy fails to reach out to the economical consumers but they have great demand in the

Promotion Mix in the Marketing mix of DANNON :

Marketing Mix of DANNON 2

Being a top food brand it holds major responsibility in providing the quality products. Besides, the quality product Dannon uses multiple platforms to advertise their products. They have a wide hold over the products advertisements. The Web, televisions and discount coupons to keep their customers in the circle. Each of the products is produced with the great research and the relation to the customers keeps the name of the product at a top.

Relating the products to daily needs of the consumer, they use the relational statistics.  Health and daily use food products a, a daily needs anyways gives a huge room to the food industry and benefiting from the situation DANON leads with the class promotions and quality products. They have used DANON coupons as a strong marketing tactic. The major consumer market relies on the healthy food and beverages by Dannon.

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