Types of Demand

Marketing management has the task of influenc­ing the level, timings and composition of demand in a way that will help the organization to achieve its objectives.  Also, A marketer has to take into consideration different types of demand for his product before he comes up with a strategy.

1 ] Negative Demand

The market is in a state of negative demand if; a major part of the market dislikes the product and may even pay a price to avoid it.
Eg: People have a negative demand for

  • Vaccination
  • Dental work
  • Vasectomies
  • Gall bladder operation Employers feel a negative demand for
  • Ex-convicts
  • Alcoholics

The marketing task is to analyse, why the market dislikes the products?

2] No Demands
Target consumers may be uninterested in the product. Ex – People have no demand for

  • Farmers may not be interested in new farming methods
  • College students may not be interested in a foreign language course.

The marketing task is to find ways to connect the benefits of the products to the person’s natural needs and interests.

3] Latent Demand:
Many consumers may share a strong need that cannot be satisfied by any existing products.

  • Latent demand for harmless cigarettes.
  • Safer neighborhood.
  • More fuel efficient cars.

The marketing task is to measure the size of the potential market and develop effective goods and services that would satisfy the demand.

4] Declining Demand
A substantial drop in the demand for products.

  • Boy scout enrolment among Singapore students.

The marketing task is to:

  1. Analyse the cause of market decline.
  2. Determine whether the demand can be re-stimulated by changing target markets, changing product features and developing more effective goods.
  3. To reverse the declining demand through creative remarketing of the product.

5] Irregular Demand
Organizations face demand that varies on a seasonal, daily or even hourly basis, causing problems of idle capacity or overcrowded capacity.

  • Markets :- visited on weekends, not on weekdays.
  • Hospitals   :- OT’s booked for early weak

The marketing task is called Synchro Marketing (alter pricing, promotion & other incentives)

6] Full Demand
Organizations face full demand when they are pleased with there volume of business.

The marketing task is to:

  1. Maintain the current level of demand in the face of changing consumer preferences and increasing competition.
  2. Quality should be improved.
  3. Continuously measure consumer satisfaction.

Eg: Maruti at the time of bookings made open.

7] Overfull Demands
Some organizations face a demand level that is higher then they can or want to handle. Marketing task is De-marketing which requires finding ways to reduce the demand temporarily or permanently.

Steps involved in de-marketing:

  1. Raising prices.
  2. Reducing promotion and service.
  3. Selective de-marketing(less profitable markets)

Eg: Quota system for new car registration by a fixed percentage annually.

8] Unwholesome Demand
Unwholesome products will attract organized effort to discourage their consumption. Un-selling campaigns have been conducted against cigarettes, alcohols, hard drugs, handguns and pirated movies.

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