November 27, 2015

Customer orientation

Customer orientation

Customer orientation is of ultimate importance to deliver value added products. There are 4 basic stages for customer orientation

1) Develop

  • Development has to be done keeping customer needs into mind.
  • Products should be customer oriented.
  • The development cycle time should be minimal

2) Manufacture

  • As per the product, the manufacturing should be such that it gives the best products to the customer
  • Quality should not be compromised
  • Manufacturing cycle time should be reduced

3) Market

  • Identifying and targeting the right customer
  • Processing the demand as early as possible
  • Customization of the products for the market

4) Deliver

  • Deliver to the target customer
  • Reduce delivery time
  • Value for money products

Thus by these 4 steps, A value added product is delivered.

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  1. Rohit Grover says:

    Hi, Where can i find more information of these 4 steps. Thanks

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