January 24, 2017

Why Axe can never be a premium brand

This thought occurred to me when i was watching the Axe commercial for its new product – Axe Googly.

Lets first look at the deodorant market. Who buys a deodorant? I guess people from the Sec B class. The Sec A class obviously will want premium brands of deodorants. So now we know that the primary target is the Sec B.

So now, let me know one thing. Marketing mainly involves attracting people towards a product. Then, WHY does axe keep changing its product? Instead of changing its advertising strategy, i have seen Axe launch a new product altogether every few months. Each new quarter brings a new product.

Secondly, Brand switching. If Axe itself propagates switching between its own products, what stops people from trying different brands??. There are so many deodorants in the market. In axe itself, there are so many choices. So why will i choose Axe above anyone else.

One of the other problems with Axe is that most of its ad objectifies women. As if applying a Deodarant is going to bring women to you. In this type of ad, Axe is closer to Abercrombie and Fitch. Overall, the noise of Axe ads is higher then the quality of the ads.

Take the Googly ad. A typical Axe product and a typical Advertising strategy. However will it have product loyalty? i doubt. And lets face the truth. Even the Sec B segment is becoming extremely brand conscious. So Dear Axe!! You might think of launching a premium brand sometime. Do plan accordingly.

Your thoughts are invited!!

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  1. A nice perspective, but AXE can have various fragrances right? So what is the harm in giving people choices?
    Although AXE according to me never wanted to be a premium brand because of its pricing.

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