January 22, 2017

18 Amazing and Creative print ads

Here are 18 Amazing and creative print ads. To browse through the images, please press BACK and NEXT button at the bottom of the image. 




Creative print ads collection page 2



Creative print ads collection page 3



Creative print ads collection page 4




Creative print ads collection page 5






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  1. vikrant pratap singh says:

    Dear sir,

    There is nothing to say about your blog. There are few question regarding Ad film:
    1. How an individuals/ consumer educate about the presence of product when there is no advertisements or less advertisement like Parle G, Ujjala etc?
    2. when is the right time to make advertisement because E-commerce companies are aggressively making new ad film but don’t have control over traffic management?
    3. An advertisement is highly expensive,then what are the strategies to be followed before announcing new ad campaign?
    4. Ad film have greater impact on surroundings of consumers like cultural impact, social etc. So what would be step an advertiser should bear in his/her mind before delivering a good message to consumers? For example Ad films of Condoms, Spray etc?

    • Hitesh Bhasin says:

      Dear Vikrant,

      1) This happens by word of mouth or by the existing brand equity. At the same time, brands like Parle G and Ujwala have such a strong distribution that people automatically buy them. They have been existing since years and are very cheap but with very good quality with lot of packaging options. Hence people automatically buy them even with low publicity.
      2) There are numerous times to make an advertisement. Ads can be for product introduction, to improve brand recall, to showcase features, schemes and benefits. E commerce companies are advertising because there is huge untapped potential for E commerce in India. At the same time, if they dont advertise and capture the market fast, someone will capture it immediately.
      3) PR and sales promotions can be executed before an ATL activity. Lets say you take out a TV commercial for X product. You have to ensure that the X product is present in retail counters. For this to happen, you might have to give trade discount or carry out some local promotional activities.
      4) This is a very very comprehensive question. But a simple answer is that the Ads message is derived from the target audience. An AD of a condom is targeting people who are going to have sex. So naturally it has sexual images. A deo is targeting personal hygiene. So it targets people who are close to each other where personal hygiene matters. Thus, the advertiser has to keep his target market and his segment in mind before making an advertisement.

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