October 25, 2016

Marketing Mix of Diet Coke – Coke Marketing Mix

Diet Coke is also referred to as Coca-Cola Light in few places and is a subsidiary of its parent company Coca-Cola. It is actually a soft drink without any sugar content and is associated with food and beverage industry. Diet Coke is distributed and manufactured by Coca-Cola and was introduced in the consumer market of United States in the year 1982. Currently, it is the third-largest soft drink sold in global markets. Some of its rivals are as follows-

  • Pepsi Max
  • Diet Pepsi

Product in the Marketing Mix of Diet Coke :

Diet Coke was a huge success story for Coca-Cola as it created record sales and overtook its existing brand Diet Cola. It was sweetened with artificial sweetener aspartame and had a separate formula for manufacturing which was different from Coca-Cola recipe. Calorie content of Diet Coke in 330 ml can is 1.3 kilocalories only. [Read more…]

Marketing Mix of Duracell – Duracell Marketing Mix

Duracell Inc was earlier a subsidiary of its parent company Procter & Gamble but in the year 2014 came under the ownership of Berkshire Hathaway. It is of American origin and was established in the year 1924 by the efforts of Philip Rogers Mallory and Samuel Ruben.

The company belongs to the FMCG sector and deals in the electronic sector through manufacturing of smart power systems and batteries. Duracell has targeted males and professional workers as their target group because they generally have a higher usage of batteries because of their dependence on electronic items. It faces competition from the following rival companies- [Read more…]

Marketing Mix Of Cello Pens – Cello Pens Marketing Mix

India is one of the biggest stationary markets in the world as its rate of growth is exceptional. This is because of rising literacy rate and increasing the purchasing power of consumers. Cello pen is an Indian company and was founded in the year 1995. It started its operations with a single model titled Clear Pen. Brand Cello captured the market with German and Swiss tips ink. It offered quality writing, clear flow and highest standard of writing tool was born. In the year 2015, the month of December it was bought over by global company BIC. Some of the main competitors of cello pen in market are as follows-

  • GM Pens
  • Linc
  • Jineshwar (Montex)
  • ADD

Product in the Marketing Mix Of Cello Pens :

The cell has a broad portfolio of excellent products. The brand has a great reputation in both national and international market for offering a wide range of products, foreign technology and state-of-art components. Cello pens are smear free and free smooth while writing. Latest technology, well-trained employees, quality raw materials and continuous improvement make these pens the best in business. Its product portfolio includes- [Read more…]

Marketing Mix of DTDC – DTDC Marketing Mix

DTDC is of Indian origins and is associated with cargo and courier services. It belongs to logistics and transport industry and has been able to deliver even to the remotest part of India. The brand has targeted both individuals and companies as its customer base. It was founded in the year 1990 by its founder Subhasish Chakraborty, who serves the company in the capacity of managing director and chairman.  Bengaluru is the headquarters base of this largest courier network.  Some of the important rival companies are as follows-

  • DHL
  • TNT
  • UPS
  • FedEx

Product in the Marketing Mix of DTDC :

DTDC is dedicated to providing its customers’ best possible products and services. It offers freight management services at international levels, supply-chain solutions, express services of premium quality and domestic services. Some of its vital products and services are as follows- [Read more…]

Marketing Mix Of Carwale – Carwale Marketing Mix

Two friends Gaurav and Mohit started their entrepreneurial journey in the year 2002, with intention of supplying better services in medical field using telemedicine. At the onset, they did not have any funds but their mantra that every deal is negotiable brought them their first client. They had to drop the idea of telemedicine due to lack of support from state government and after some time decided to venture into other fields.

In the year 2005, they along with two other friends Arun and Tufail launched their company Carwale in the Indian market. It was first Indian website to use online as a marketplace for used cars. In the year 2016 in the month of January, it merged with another company CarTrade to become a leader in both used and the new cars. Some of its chief competitors are as follows- [Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Sunsilk – Sunsilk SWOT analysis

The hair care experts of the century, Sunsilk is one brand which is known to love your Hair and get it straight or curly or dark or smooth or just the way you like it. From the house of Hindustan Unilever, Sunsilk is a popular brand in the Hair care segment and works with various brand names. It is known as Sedal in Latin America, Seda in Brazil and Elidor in Turkey.

Here is the SWOT analysis of Sunsilk.

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Sunsilk

Unique Marketing strategy – One of the key takeaways of the marketing strategy of Sunsilk is the fact that they brought in Hair care experts to design each type of heir shampoos and each one of their shampoos is endorsed by a Global hair care expert. Naturally, the shampoos have a global pull because just like you go to a restaurant when you hear the name of a star chef, you will buy a shampoo when you know a star expert has designed them with hand picked ingredients. Furthermore, the ads are designed so that each hair care expert is [Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Vaseline – Vaseline SWOT analysis

Vaseline is a very popular product for both – kids as well as adults and is used to make the skin soft as well as for diaper rashes and for cuts and burns. It was invented by Mr Robert Chesebrough  in 1859 and was initially called Wonder Jelly. However, Mr Chesebrough wanted to Patent it and hence he chose the combination of the words Water and Oil in German and Greek respectively to patent it as Vaseline. And what a wonder Vaseline has been since the ages!!

The core product of Vaseline is a petroleum jelly which is most commonly used. The brand Vaseline has become generic for Petroleum jelly so that instead of calling it as petroleum jelly, people just call it as Vaseline. That’s the popularity of the brand name. But lately, since the acquisition by HUL, Vaseline has expanded into several skin care product lines looking at its already flourishing brand equity.

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Vaseline

Brand recall is high – Vaseline has been around since 1859 and very few brands can boast of such an ancient heritage. It has soothed skin since ages and has perfected the art so it is loved across the globe for its abilities. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the brand recall is high. The brand is generic for Petroleum jelly. [Read more…]

Marketing Mix of Bentley – Bentley Marketing Mix

Bentley Motors is a British automobile organisation that designs, creates and manufactures luxury motorcars. Bentley Motors Limited was established by W.O Bentley on the iconic date i.e. 18 January 1919 in a beautiful place in North London known as Cricklewood. However, the company is now headquartered in Crewe England. The high-end motor cars are hand-built.

The company is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. Back in 1931, Rolls-Royce bought Bentley from Vickers. Later due to bankruptcy, it sold it back to Vickers which in turn sold it to Volkswagen.

Bentley falls in the category of luxury cars for both nouveau rich and the old aristocracy. Since the time it was first manufactured, it has been a matter of pride to own a Bentley. [Read more…]

Marketing Mix Of Ceat Tyres – Ceat Tyres Marketing Mix

Ceat is a public company under the flagship of RPG Enterprises. It was founded in the year 1958 and has it’s headquartered base in Mumbai in India. This Indian company deals in tyres and is related to the automobile sector. Improved infrastructure has resulted in heavy demands for tyres and these have been met successfully through superior and high-quality products.

It has set up six parameters for self-evaluation and these include trustworthiness, quality, credible image, innovation, value and understanding. Brand Ceat has been rated as Most Trusted Brand by its loyal customers. Its competitors in local market are

  • MRF
  • Apollo

In international market are-

  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone

Some of its main customers are [Read more…]

Marketing Mix of Emami – Emami Marketing Mix

Emami is a public company associated with FMCG sector. It is of Indian origin and has its headquarters base in Kolkata in India. Emami deals in healthcare and personal care sector and was established in the year 1974 by its founders R.S. Goenka and R.S. Agarwal. It has targeted middle-class section of society as its potential customers. Some of its main rivals in consumer market are as follows-

  • Marico
  • Nestle
  • HUL

Product in the Marketing Mix of Emami :

Emami has projected its products as organic, natural and herbal and created a product portfolio that is immensely popular in the consumer market. It has several sub-brands that have products to their name. It includes- [Read more…]

Marketing Mix of Eveready – Eveready Marketing Mix

Eveready Industries is a flagship company and a subsidiary of its parent company B. M. Khaitan Group. It is of Indian origins and was launched in the consumer market in the year 1905. Eveready Industries has occupied the first position in India in terms of sales related to flashlights and dry-cell batteries. It is the third-largest manufacturer of carbon-zinc batteries in the global market with sales of billion units every year. Some of its competitors in consumer market are as follows-

  • Bajaj Electricals
  • Havells India
  • Panasonic
  • Philips

Product in the Marketing Mix of Eveready :

Eveready deals in marketing and manufacturing of flashlight cases, batteries, arc carbons, electrolytic manganese-di-oxide, and photo-engravers strips/plates for castings, printing, carbon electrodes and tube rods. It has also been associated with marketing and producing of tea. Its current product portfolio includes- [Read more…]