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Why you need a unique advertising message

The critical part in any ad is the advertising message. Some brands are known to be the master of Advertising. Take any premium company and they will be oozing confidence due to expensive and really amazing ads made by their marketing managers with a unique advertising message. However, even the low lying companies can differentiate itself from competition when they come out with an ad which is unique and gives an altogether different advertising message which makes a connect with their target customers. In today’s competitive business environment, you need a unique advertising message. This article lists out 6 reasons to make your advertising message unique and different.

Differentiation is the name of the game - With imitation and too many “me too” products being introduced in the market, differentiation has become very important. Consider Vodafone. It is providing the same services as any other mobile network, but due to Vodafone Zoozoos, Vodafone stands poles apart in its differentiation through advertising. Your advertising is your message to your customers. Each customer is different. So why should your company’s advertising be the similar to your competitor. Use whatever form of advertising you want, but ensure that you are sending a unique and differentiated advertising message to your customers. [Read more...]

Reasons your core competency is stopping you from expansion

A core competency is developed over time and stays with the company in all of its products and is the major differentiator for the company. Wal-Mart has its pricing. Apple has innovation. Intel has technology. But what if the core competencies of these companies are attacked? Can your core competency be limiting to you? Can Wal-Mart launch high priced products and still maintain brand equity. Can Apple ever launch me too products now? I don’t think so.

Thus there are certain factors which will limit your core competency and will be a hindrance to the company’s expansion. The factors are as follows

Adaptation and differentiation – The first factor is technological. The core competency of sify internet cafe was fast internet connection. But now that internet Wi Fi and broadband is present country wide in India, sify is dropping out of the market slowly but surely. You need to adapt to a changing business environment. Differentiation is the key to adaptation. With a changing business environment comes the need of finding a new core competency which will give a new identity to your business. This empowers you to let go of the older core competency or differentiating factors which are limiting you and are outdated. [Read more...]

Honda ropes in Akshay Kumar and dreams of flying

Do you remember the “Hum men hai hero” ad by Hero group. Here is the Honda group presenting its answer to the ad. We now know that both, the hero group and the Honda group are going to target the emotional heart of Indians through strong Indian ads. The ad by Hero group “Hum men hai hero” was mind blowing. And so is the ad by Honda. [Read more...]

18 Amazing and Creative print ads

Here are 18 Amazing and creative print ads. To browse through the images, please press BACK and NEXT button at the bottom of the image. 


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Feeling crowded? Fly in Airbus.

7 reasons diversification strategy is better in the long run

Diversification strategy

Diversification strategy is observed when new products are introduced in a completely new market by the company. The strategy is loaded with hurdles because it requires a lot of investment and a lot of man power as well as focus of the top management. But still, in the long run, diversification strategy is one of the best growth strategy in the long run. Here are seven reasons for the support of diversification strategy.

1) You get more product variety - When diversifying your products, you are bound to do good research and development which results in introducing more variety and options of products in hand to capture the new market. With more product variety, you capture more customer attention and your brand receives a tremendous boost as well as the profitability of the company rises. Thus having more products is good for your business. [Read more...]

Is Cost plus pricing the best pricing strategy today?

Cost plus pricing

Out of the 4 P’s of the marketing mix, the product and pricing are far more important in today’s business environment. This is because, today customers have a tendency to check the pricing of all products online on E commerce websites or on blogs. This article focuses on the pricing aspect and determines the benefits of Cost plus pricing.

The pricing of various brands as well as the features being offered is very much transparent in today’s digital world. So which is the best pricing strategy which companies can adopt? In such an environment, the cost plus pricing is the best pricing strategy because it will give good profits and at the same time ensure that you get regular customers as well as a hefty bottom line.

Cost plus pricing strategy takes the cost of manufacturing a product, or providing a service into consideration. A profit markup is added on top of the cost and the customer is given the final price which is cost + profit. There are several reasons that we think Cost plus pricing is the best pricing strategy today. [Read more...]

Cadbury Dairy milk Snow fight Ad – Listen to your heart

Cadbury Dairy milk hits the sweet spot yet again with this amazing Cadbury Dairy milk Snow fight ad which says “Dil jo keh raha hai suno”. Cadbury Dairy milk is encouraging us to listen to our heart. [Read more...]

9 signs that your business is poor in online marketing

Online Marketing is poor

Today, online marketing is the rage and it is sad to see, especially in India, that there are many businesses which have a very poor online presence. They are not using online marketing properly. This article will show you 9 signs that your business is poor in online marketing.

1) You don’t have a website - This is the first sign that you have a poor online presence. Building a nice website requires a small investment of money. But the website does pay back equally because it builds the credibility and reputation of your business. Plus you might get frequent inquiries too. So you need to have a website in today’s age.

2) Your website is a dud - If you are thinking that you have a website, but the website is actually very poor in design, then there is no meaning of the website. I have seen many business websites which do not have any contact page or about me page. These pages are the basics of website building. If your client comes on your website, he should know more about you, your products and should have a link to contact you. [Read more...]

Kapil Sharma tickles you while presenting the Honda mobilio

Well, this is a really unique choice of Brand ambassador. Kapil Sharma has the highest TRP in India due to his show “Comedy nights with Kapil”. And this TRP is now showing dividends as Kapil Sharma is getting advertising as well movie offers. This ad shows Kapil Sharma wooing a girl and at the same time impressing his boss by presenting the Honda Mobilio. [Read more...]

SWOT analysis of Apple Iphone

SWOT analysis of Apple IphoneApple Iphone took the world by storm by its amazing IOS operating system and its multi touch features. It was the first phone which could be truly called a “Smart phone”. Having the first mover advantage, Apple Iphone is still going strong. Here is the SWOT analysis of Apple Iphone.

Strengths in SWOT analysis of Apple Iphone

Brand equity - Apple is one of the top most companies of the world for its brand equity. From the days of mcintosh computers, Apple is known to be a brand with promise.

Tag of innovation - Besides the brand equity, the tag of innovation has always been applied to Apple. From Ipod to Iphone and Ipad, Apple has been responsible for many tech revolutions. [Read more...]