September 21, 2014

Marketing mix of Airtel

Marketing mix of Airtel

Bharti Airtel Limited (Bharti Airtel) is one of India’s most popular providers of integrated telecommunication services and is based in India and headquartered in New Delhi. Basically, the company is tasked with the work of operating telecommunication services in the larger Indian subcontinent. The company’s business services include mobile services, enterprise services and Telemedia services. The mobile services comprise of fixed wireless services and mobile services which use GSM network technology across major telecommunication circles in the country. [Read more...]

Why Apple is doing a mistake by launching the Apple Iwatch

Apple Iwatch

Apple recently launched the Apple Iphone 6 and at the same time it launched its Iwatch. Now, i strongly think that it is a wrong move by Apple to launch the Apple Iwatch. Why do i think so? Read on.

To understand the affect of the launch of Apple Iwatch, first we need to understand the core brand values of Apple.

1) Innovative –  Apple is known to be one of the most innovative brands with its Macintosh line of computers, Ipod, Ipad, Itunes, Iphone and whatnot. There are many innovations which were brought into the market before any other company could even think of such innovations. [Read more...]

Why new product development is not easy

New product development

We see a lot of products being brought into the market day in and day out. Some companies which have thrived in the market due to innovative product development are Google, Apple, Samsung, LG and many more such consumer durable, online and FMCG companies. However, new product development is not an easy ball game. There are many aspects which the company has to take into consideration before even thinking of New product development. These aspects and the challenges of new product development are discussed below.

1) Cost considerations –  The number one problem with new product development is cost considerations. New product development requires significant investments in terms of money, resources, manpower and most importantly, time. Thus, you are spending a lot of your assets to support new product development. Will it justify the cost is a question which needs to be answered beforehand. Pharma companies spend a lot of money on product development, but before the development itself they have to take the R&D costs in consideration. In fact, most pharma companies have a very high cost reserved for R&D expenditures. 
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Marketing mix of Audi

Marketing mix of Audi

Audi is a German based car manufacturing company, known around the world as part of the big three luxury car manufacturers. Along with Mercedes and BMW, Audi is the biggest luxury car manufacturing company globally. Audi oversees all its global production from its head quarters in Bavaria, Germany, and has further nine production facilities world-wide that manufactures their vehicles.

Audi has been a majority owned subsidiary group of Volkswagen since 1966, after a purchase by Daimler-Benz of Audi’s predecessor group Auto Union. Volkswagen re-launched the Audi brand with the  F103 series, and Audi has gone on to carve itself a niche as a quality manufacturer of automobiles, producing aesthetically pleasing designs combined with a satisfying drive and being mechanically reliable as well. [Read more...]

How market research can help you increase profits?

If used properly, market research can help you add more profits and increase the bottom line of your company. Here is one of the most common — but avoidable — problems in business.

Management or the business owner comes up with the idea of introducing something new. Since they feel they know the market fairly well, they don’t spend the time to check whether or not their customers actually want it — after all, they “just know.”

Certain their experience and intuition will guide them, they barrel onwards, investing a lot of time and money into the effort and find out that in fact nobody cares. The product or initiative flops. [Read more...]

Marketing mix of Amazon

Amazon Marketing mix

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest online retailers, selling a vast array of goods such as books, music, games, clothes and movies. As of 2013, Amazon employs 117, 300 members of staff, and has a global net revenue of 74.45 billion US dollars. Since its conception in 1995, Amazon has outgrown several competitors in its field, and has gone on to become a market leader, and has around 240 million customer accounts worldwide. Amazon has used careful investment and acquisition of other smaller companies to enable itself to stay ahead in its field, and continues to expand its product range, whilst offering competitive prices to customers, and faster deliveries to those who choose to sign up for its various account packages. [Read more...]

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Whenever you want to enter a new market, you will have to do market analysis. Not only that, whenever you want to introduce a new product in the market, you will be doing market analysis. Market analysis helps you define the current situation of the market. Further to market analysis, industry analysis and finally SWOT analysis can tell you your position in the complete industry, and what decisions you can take about entering with your business model. However, market analysis is the starting process to determine markets attractiveness and also to determine the strategies which might be used in the market. [Read more...]

Marketing mix of Vodafone – Vodafone marketing mix

Vodafone marketing mix

Vodafone is one of the world’s greatest telecommunication brands and this article discusses the Marketing mix of Vodafone. The company employs over 65,000 staff worldwide and enjoys a generous customer base of 130 million. The business is in operation in 31 countries worldwide. Despite the competition from similar companies, Vodafone, in India is growing tremendously as a company like in other parts of the world as it tries to roll out its identity into new markets. In fact, the company is already listed in the New York Stock Exchanges, thus, this has helped it in gaining global recognition.

Vodafone India operations widened its base in the year 2007 when it bought majority of stake in Hutchison Telecommunications of Hong Kong for $11 billion. In India, it operates as a joint venture with Essar. Vodafone India’s domestic partner is the Piramal Group, which has its 11% stake. [Read more...]

3 things you should learn from competition

Learn from competition

Competition is omnipresent. Take any business or industry and you will find competition in it. Start a completely new product which is innovative, and you will find competition catching up either by lessening the price or bringing a similar “me too” product in the market. However, competition is always good for business and you can learn from competition. Competition motivates you to stay alert and it ensures that you are always finding new ways to do business. Competition is good for the consumers and for the industries as well. This articles outlines 3 things which you can learn from competitors. [Read more...]

3 reasons that Intel corporation is such a successful company

Intel corporation

Intel corporation has been one of the most successful companies in microprocessors for the last 2 decades. And the popularity of Intel is rising even further. Intel has introduced fantastic products like the Intel pentium processor as well as its latest I3 and I5 series, which have managed to capture the processor market as well as retain it for Intel to date. Intel corporation has the dominance when it comes to microprocessors and motherboards. Although there are other competitors in the market, none have managed to take away the mammoth market share of Intel. So what makes Intel corporation such a successful company? We have three reasons for the success of Intel corporation. [Read more...]