May 26, 2016

Marketing Mix Of Apollo Tyre’s – Apollo tyre’s marketing mix

Apollo tyre’s is a public company, which was founded in the year 1972 and is in the business of manufacturing tyre’s.  The company is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. The manufacturing plants are located in Trichur, Vadodra and Pune. Mr. Onkar Kanwar is the Chairman of the company whose revenues are in line of Rs. 127.5 billion.

Apollo Tyre’s is the 17th largest tyre manufacturing company in the world. They have won many awards for being consistent in maintaining quality of their products. Apollo acquired Dunlop tyre’s in Africa in the year 2006. With a network of around 4500 dealerships in India and about 63% of its revenues come from India and the rest major revenues are from Europe and Africa. [Read more…]

Brand Essence – 9 ways to have a strong brand essence

Brand is associated with intangible benefits and experiences that the customer attains by using a product or a service. Brand should not be confused with the trademark, logo or the name of the company. It is actually a collection of thoughts and feelings about the experiences when getting in touch with the product or service.

As the perception of intangibles is in the eye of the beholder, the business is required to know very well who its customers are, in order to be able to successfully position the brand. Depending on the values of each individual, some might ‘’see’’ the intangibles and some might not. For those who do not experience these benefits, the product becomes just a commodity.  [Read more…]

B2C vs B2B marketing – A comparision between B2B and B2C

B2B marketing is also known as business to business marketing and many people swear that B2B marketing is easier than B2C. But such comparison cannot be made because when we compare both – B2C vs B2B, it is evident that both of them have different target groups altogether. So which of them has easier ROI – B2B or B2C marketing – is not easy to define. Let us have a complete comparison of B2C vs B2B marketing.

Target group in B2C vs B2B

In case of B2C, the target group is generally the mass segment. It may be broken down into different segments based on demography, geography etc. But in general, they belong to a defined population which is then broken down into parts. [Read more…]

Benefit segmentation – Segmenting the population by benefits offered

Market segmentation is a key process in any marketing strategy. With more and more competition arising each day, the segmentation process has become critical to the success of the company. As more competition is coming up, people are also becoming product conscious and that is where lies the opportunity for Benefit segmentation.

Imagine a market where there are 10 different styles of shoes. There is no brand, there is no description, you just have to try on the shoes and decide on the one shoe that you are going to buy. How blank you will be!! You will only be able to take a decision, if its only design you are looking for. [Read more…]

How many segments should a new business enter?

There are various types of segments and each of the segment has its own advantage. However, one of the key factors of segmentation is differentiation. You should either enter a segment because you have the technology to beat existing competitors. Or you should differentiate yourself from the other, already existing competitors to conquer that segment.

So what is your segmentation strategy? And how many segments is your business planning to enter? Let us understand with the help of differentiation. [Read more…]

Marketing mix of Air India – Air India marketing mix

Product in the Marketing mix of Air India – Air India at one time had two products. Passenger and cargo transport. However, the cargo transport of Air India has been decommissioned in 2012, and the airlines only operates through passengers. For passenger transport, Air India uses a fleet of Boeing and Airbus planes. The flight, along with in flight entertainment and its premium lounges are some of the main products of Air India.

Pricing in the Marketing mix of Air India – Air India has different prices based on the route of Air traffic as well as the distance and finally the number of halts on the way. At the same time, within a flight, two kinds of pricing exist – Economy class and Business class. The pricing of Air India is competitive pricing as none of the airline operators can nowadays exist without keeping competition in mind. Along with this, the travel via Air India is not much renowned, and hence the airline cannot demand premium pricing. [Read more…]

What is Marketing – Definition of Marketing

What is marketing

There are many sub sets of Marketing which form Marketing management as a whole. Hence, when you ask what is Marketing, then the following definitions should first be read to understand marketing. After the definitions, we also list the content of Marketing to understand what functions fall under the marketing domain.

The social definition of marketing is – marketing is a societal process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering, and exchanging products and services of value freely with others.

The managerial definition of Marketing presented by Peter drucker is – The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.

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Marketing mix of – 7 P of

The marketing mix of discusses the service marketing mix of the top job portal in India. was the first job portal to be launched in India and it has maintained its first mover advantage by being on top till date.

Product in the Marketing mix of – Major product is RESDEX which is mainly the complete resume database of Besides this also provides online branding solutions. Its Resume writing services for job seekers is renowned

Marketing mix of

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SWOT analysis of – SWOT

marketing mix of Naukri was one of the first job portals to really achieve success in India. And as it goes in online marketing, the first mover advantage is still strong with and it is still the number 1 job portal in India by far. Here is the SWOT analysis of

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of

  • has the first mover advantage. It is still paying off till date with naukri having the best brand recall in terms of job portals.
  • The site design has received great acceptance among Indians. (better than monster and timesjobs)
  • It has the experience of being in the market for almost a decade.
  • It has a large market share while monsterindia and Timesjobs are far behind.
  • It ranked as India’s number one job site on all parameters — page view, reach, and traffic.
  • It has the advantage of a clear revenue model since its inception. While it has a few services that are free to both job seekers and job providers, the majority of their services are paid for by the recruiters.
  • It has a very committed team.  This is clear from the visits made by them to establish contact.
  • It is known to have one of the best work atmospheres.

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Consumer marketing – How consumer marketing has changed over time?

Whenever someone purchases a product or service for personal use or to share with others, he or she is participating in the consumer market, and the more people go out and buy goods for themselves, the more active the consumer market becomes. Businesses which operate in consumer markets, take part in designing products and service which the general consumer can purchase. The form of promoting and advertising goods in this market is called consumer marketing. 

The creation and selling of products as well as the way they are marketed to consumers has undergone huge changes over time. Historically, in the simple trade era the supply was limited, and the consumers were the ones seeking for traders who were selling goods for personal consumption. Simply put, suppliers did not need any marketing effort.  [Read more…]

Marketing Mix Of Armani – Armani Marketing mix

Giorgio Armani started the company back in 1975. As a designer, he made apparel with his taste of aesthetics, splendor and luxury, that has appealed to the mighty celebrities from Hollywood to royalty. Since its launch in 1975, Armani has been a privately held company with Giorgio Armani being the sole shareholder.

With many sub-brands designed under the parent brand of Giorgio Armani to cater to the explicit requirements of different market segments, it has become a powerful and valued fashion and luxury brand in the world. [Read more…]