April 18, 2015

Airtel SWOT analysis – SWOT analysis of Airtel

SWOT analysis of Airtel

One of the top telecommunication companies in India, Airtel has spread across far and wide in the last 2 decades of its existence. The company is known for its availability and its smart range of value added services. Here we present you the SWOT analysis of Airtel to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the company.  [Read more…]

Dominos SWOT analysis – SWOT analysis of Dominos

SWOT analysis of Dominos

One of the leading pizza chains across the world, Dominos is the top contender for the strongest Italian fast food chains. The brand has a close competitor in Pizza hut. However, it has long overtaken Pizza hut to become the most sold pizza brand in the market. But compared to indirect competitors like McDonalds and KFC, Domino’s still has a long way to go. Here is the SWOT analysis of Dominos. [Read more…]

How customer expectations can be matched in business?

Customer expectations

Whenever a customer enters your showroom or your website, he has several expectations from your business, even though he might be walking in for the first time. It might be a restaurant, a service centre, or a garage, whatever business you are in, you have to match customer expectations.

The customer has these expectations because from the day he gained his senses, brands have been promising him one thing or another. [Read more…]

BMW SWOT analysis – SWOT analysis of BMW

SWOT analysis of BMW

One of the most classy cars across the world, known for its quality and design is BMW. The brand is known to be adaptable and has cars which are in the ultra premium segment as well as cars which are pretty much affordable as far as luxury cars go. Here is the SWOT analysis of BMW. [Read more…]

Colgate SWOT analysis – SWOT analysis of Colgate

SWOT analysis of Colgate

If I ask you which is the top toothpaste brand in the world, you will not need to search around your brain so much. Because, in most brains, the top of the mind brand for toothpaste is Colgate. However, this brand is not only for oral hygiene but it has a range of products for personal care as well. Read on to learn the SWOT analysis of Colgate.  [Read more…]

10 factors which determine a good sales personality

Sales personality

Being a sales man or a sales personality in your field is one of the most tough job nowadays due to the number of rejections a sales guy faces on a daily basis. Add the targets that he has, and you land up with a person who is expected to handle a lot of pressure with little or no thanks from the company. Why little or no thanks? Because it is his job to take pressure and give results. That is why a special personality is needed in sales. [Read more…]

Adidas SWOT analysis – SWOT analysis of Adidas

SWOT analysis of Adidas

Adidas is one of the strongest sports brand in the world. Known most prominently for its range of Shoes, the brand is also a manufacturer for clothing and accessories. Here is the SWOT analysis of Adidas.

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Adidas

  1. Legacy & heritage: With decades of heritage & legacy, Adidas has travelled a long way to establish itself as a youthful brand. The brand was started in 1949 and has travelled a long way since then.
  2. Diversified portfolio: Company has multiple product portfolio’s with varied range of footwear & accessories under brand name Adidas (premium segment) & Reebok (mid range).
  3. Strong financial position: With its 2400 store globally accounting $4.3billions, the company is in strong financial position.
  4. Distribution network: By selling it from online stores to company owned stores to supermarket stores, Adidas has an effective distribution system for their products available through different channels.
  5. Branding by creating touch points with the community: Celebrity endorsements & sponsoring major sports organizations such as FIFA, UEFA, NBA & Olympics has increased the awareness of Adidas in the market & hence it has increased the highly targeted customer base as well.
  6. Collaborations & memberships: Strong relationship within the sustainability area with organizations such as International Labour organization, International Finance Corporation has given the company an edge over competitors so that they can have a sustainable business.

[Read more…]

Maintaining the balance between price and quality

The balance between price and quality and the psychological decision making behind it has always been a challenge for marketers. This is because one of the factors in the marketing mix which always troubles marketers is pricing.

Pricing in itself is so dynamic in nature that it can make or break a brand single handed. Moreover, at any given point of time there are many different elements playing a role in deciding the pricing strategy of a company. [Read more…]

Marketing Mix of Kwality Walls

Marketing Mix of Kwality walls

Kwality Walls is one of the main producers of frozen desserts. The Indian company ‘Kwality’ was established in the year 1956. It has the distinction of being the first company who imported machinery in bulk so that ice cream could be produced and sold at a large scale, for commercial benefit. In 1995 Kwality merged with Unilever and created a separate brand name Kwality Walls. Presently it is a subsidiary company of Hindustan Unilever and is a major distributor of ice creams. Most of the products of the brand Kwality Walls are not based on milk but are frozen desserts with vegetable fats.

 The ice cream market has become quite competitive because of the entry of many wonderful brands. Stiff competition from brands like Amul, Mother Dairy, Havmor, Rollick and Vadilal has been a wake-up call for the producers of Kwality Walls. They have now incorporated many new flavors and variety of products to counter attack their competitors and to maintain a long lasting relationship with their consumer base. [Read more…]

PESTLE analysis

PESTLE analysis

As we already mentioned in a previous article, the PEST analysis is considered a useful scanning tool for identifying the relevant political, economic, social and technological factors from the external environment. These factors can represent threats or opportunities as well as challenges arising from the external environment, which can greatly influence your decision making.

To read more on PEST analysis, click here.

A more complete version of PEST Analysis is PESTLE analysis. The upgradation of PESTLE analysis involves two new factors: the legislative and the environmental components. Initially, the legislative factors were included in the political and economic environment. However, as society is developing by leaps and bounds, legal factors have a critical role to play in decision making. [Read more…]

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