October 7, 2015

Marketing mix of HCL – HCL marketing mix

Marketing mix of HCL

HCL is an Indian Public company providing IT services to the various countries in the world. Founded in the year 1976, this global corporation has its base in the city Noida in India. HCL has proved to be the pioneer in the creation of the Indian IT Industry. Its motto is to provide different products and services to every possible corner of our country at reasonable prices so that everyone can afford it. The brand provides its services to nearly every sector of the industry like defense, finance, entertainment, government and telecom. Some of the companies that try to provide it with stiff competition are as follows [Read more…]

Flowcharting in services – Service flow chart

Flowcharting in services

The concept of flowcharting in services, also known as service flow chart, process flow chart or process flow diagram constitutes a picture of the separate steps of a process in a sequential order.  Any major project that you start, will require handling multiple teams in different time frames. Over a  period of time, it becomes difficult to manage these teams if you do not have the right process chart in hand. Hence, the usage of flowcharting in services. [Read more…]

Marketing mix of HSBC – HSBC marketing mix

Marketing mix of HSBC

HSBC is a multinational company of British origin that works in the finance and banking sector. Founded in the year 1991, it has its headquarters in London, UK. HSBC has the distinction of being the second largest bank of the world and it operates as a public ltd company. It has a strong base in India and thus has various competitors in the banking sector and some of its main rival’s in India are [Read more…]

Performance based marketing and its uses as a marketing tool

Performance based marketing

Performance based marketing or affiliate marketing is a method of advertising using the Internet, having the advantage that companies pay the website owner a variable price which depends on the performance of the ad, and not a set price. This comes into the benefit of the businesses which seek for advertising platforms, as they do not have to pay for large audiences.  [Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Chevrolet – Chevrolet SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis of Chevrolet

Chevrolet is one of the flagship brands of the umbrella brand – General motors.

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Chevrolet

  1. Global Presence: According to Chevrolet data they are operating in 200 countries. Out of these 200 countries USA is their hottest market where they sell the highest number of Chevrolet cars as compared to any other nation around the world. Developing nations like China, India are the emerging markets where the company is trying hard to establish itself. It manufactures vehicles in 37 countries under 13 brands.
  2. Product innovation & technological advancement: From participating in championships with its Sports cars (NASCAR, INDYCAR & The FIA World touring car championship) to introducing the Hybrid models like Chevrolet Malibu & Tahoe (in US market), Chevrolet has more than 100 years of history. Company is also investing in hybrid & plug in vehicles for both cars & trucks.
  3. Parent company General Motors is a renowned brand in automotive industry: GM owns 13 brands, including Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Opel and many others. It is currently among world’s largest automakers by vehicles unit sales.
  4. Product portfolio: It has presence in all the segments from hatchback to sedans to SUV’s. They are also in Commercial vehicles like buses & trucks.
  5. Workforce: It has created a pool of 300000+ highly skilled employees continuously working in 100+ countries.
  6. US market: Although after GM’s bankruptcy its sales declined by quarter percentage in US but company started targeting aggressively Asian markets like China, India etc. which have got lots of potential and that’s how they are again on positive growth rate.

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Social ads which send a strong message – Gallery 1

Social ads 11

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Marketing mix of Sunsilk – Sunsilk Marketing mix

Marketing mix of Sunsilk

Sunsilk is an international brand aimed primarily at women for hair care. Launched in the year 1954 in UK this leading brand is under the parent company Unilever. This worldwide brand has been projected as a product that will meet all the demands of its consumers. Sunsilk has a unique slogan of its own “Because Life Can’t Wait “and its slogan for color shampoo is “Live In colors”. These popular slogans have helped in projecting a strong brand image and creating awareness in the market. Its competitors are Pantene, Dove, Clinic plus etc. [Read more…]

5 Branding lessons from Super heroes

Branding lessons from Super heroes 2

There will be very few people who are unaware of Superman, Batman, Spiderman or other such super heroes, especially after the massive and hit movies these heroes have delivered in the past decade. X men, Thor, Hulk are some other names which are from within the Marvel and DC universe.

The above are just some names of super heroes. If we start taking names, this whole page will be filled up with them. Flash, Aqua man, Green lantern, so on and so forth. Each super hero brings a heroic feeling in our hearts and hence they define their own fan following and their own culture.  [Read more…]

Marketing strategy of Coca cola – Coca cola marketing strategy

Marketing strategy of Coca cola

Coca Cola is world’s leading soft drink maker and operates in more than 200 countries around the world. It sells a variety of sparkling and still beverages. It generates 60% of its revenue and about 80% of its operating profit from outside the United States. It has strong brand recognition across the globe. According to business insider, approximately 94% of the world population is aware of the red & white logo of Coca Cola. [Read more…]

The ultimate cold calling guide – Use cold calls to your advantage

Cold calling guide

Quite simply, Cold calling means approaching an end customer without a prior contact or appointment so as to promote and sell your company’s product. Over the period of time, cold calling has taken a bad name and there is a mixed feedback on its usage from different companies. Some companies use it, whereas some companies ignore it completely. [Read more…]