November 25, 2015

Marketing mix of Philips – Philips marketing mix

Marketing mix of philips

Philips is an international brand established in the year 1891 by the father son duo Fredrick and Gerard Philips. It is a Dutch company, which deals in Consumer lifestyle and Health care products. The demand for consumer goods of electronics variety is growing day by day, as the consumers are interested in products that are useful and helpful and this demand has led to the expansion of electronic items market.  The strategy of Philips is to supply breakthrough products with better services and reasonable costs through innovative and scientific ideas and technology. [Read more…]

International marketing – Scope and challenges

The reason most companies use international marketing can be explained by looking into the following figures:

  • About 90% of Coca Cola’s operating income and 73% of total revenue is generated outside United States.
  • For Japanese companies, 85% of its potential is outside Japan.
  • For German and EU companies, 94% of the potential consists outside Germany
  • There are thousands of companies operating on the global markets such as Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Walmart, Samsung, Vodafone, Amazon, ARLA Foods, LEGO, etc.

In today’s changing society, companies need to be competitive under many challenging environments. There are many reasons to adopt International marketing. One of them is off course, profit. Although profit is the most common, government policies (as in Germany, due to the new legislation, solar panels manufacturing companies were restricted from increasing their profits in the local market, thereby finding themselves in the need to consider international marketing in order to remain competitive), monopoly power (as TANESCO in Tanzania), domestic market constraints, spin of benefits and competition or market saturation. [Read more…]

Importance of music in promotional videos

The secret to a successful video ad is utilizing as many senses as possible. Sound is one of the most crucial senses that advertisers target. Not just the sound of a guy in a suit trying to sell you insurance or a lady exalting a certain brand of tampons, but sound that is unforgettable, sound that continually plays in your mind long after seeing the advert. In other words, really good and catchy music. [Read more…]

Audi print ads – Collection 1

Audi print ads 1










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Why are your customers brand switching and what is the reason for switching brands?

More and more brands and products are being launched every day. In the traditional retail mix, moden retailers like Walmart have started launching their own unique products. On top of that, Walmart has even tougher competition from E commerce companies. In E commerce, every day marks the launch of new and unique products, several of them being launched because they failed through traditional distribution channels. [Read more…]

5 steps to setup better customer service process in your organization

The only way to know that a customer is dissatisfied with your service is when the customer contacts the company about their dissatisfaction, or when the company contacts the customer through service executives. However, many a times if the customer service is not up to mark, the customer will not complaint at all, but will instead shift over to a different brand.

Customer service

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Promotional mix – What are the different types of promotions?

Promotional mix

Imagine you are an organization trying to go global or expand. You have carefully planned how your business will enter the new market, have developed the right product or service, and believe you can offer it for a price that will be profitable. However, until you actual get to the real action and start selling your product, you need to take care of one important part of your business without which your business would not actually function, namely, your customers.  [Read more…]

What is brand image and its importance to an organization?

Brand image

Today’s generation is quite impressionable and hence in order to enhance their personality, or to meet social standards, they gravitate towards branded products that are creating a stir in the market. This brand image is simply an impression or an imprint of the brand developed over a period of time in the consumer’s mindset. [Read more…]

Customer to business model of marketing

Customer to business model

In a consumer-driven era, there is a new concept catching hold of the market – customer to business (C2B) model. It is diametrically opposed to business-to-consumer, as the end consumers create products and services which are consumed by businesses and organizations. Customer to Business (C2B) is an e-commerce type of business which came into existence due to Internet, which made possible the relationship between customers and business. [Read more…]

How to decide your segmentation strategy? And which segment to target?

Choose your segmentation strategy

There are various market segmentation strategies which an entrepreneur can use for their products. In fact, the whole concept of entrepreneurship is many a times based on the segment you are going to target. Defining the segmentation strategy is important because it then encourages you to learn more about your customers, and hence achieve a higher turnover. [Read more…]