April 30, 2016

Marketing Mix Of Acc Cement – ACC marketing mix

ACC Limited was earlier known with the name of The Associated Cement Companies Limited. ACC Cement is the largest manufacturer of cement in India and its subcontinent. The brand empowers the most ambitious civil projects in India, Bangladesh and other southern countries of Asia.  The registered office of ACC Cement is located in Mumbai and is popular with the name of Cement House.

Around ten cement companies came together in 1936 to form the Association of Cement Companies but over the time things changed, businesses expanded and ACC became an independent enterprise. ACC Cement is listed on Indian Share Market and has a prominent role in driving it.

Cement makes up the most work done by ACC Cement; they started as a unit of cement makers but for some time now, they are doing it on their own.  [Read more…]

Why and how your marketing strategy can fail?

One of the key factors that makes Marketing strategy successful is carrying out regular trial and errors to find out what is most successful. Till date, marketers use various messages and vehicles to reach out to their end customers. And yet, the customer might perceive the message altogether differently. This is where marketing strategy becomes difficult – The implementation part. [Read more…]

How to build, streamline and enhance your CRM for best customer service?

Customer expectations are rising nearly as fast as new technology is being developed that promises to raise them even further. Forbes is calling 2016 the year of the customer and predicting that customer service will be the most important factor in competitive success for businesses for the next five years. Rather than getting easier as the result of big data, many report that the challenges of providing excellent customer service have grown more difficult. That may be because the definition of excellent customer service has expanded as the result of high-tech, high-speed communication. [Read more…]

Usage based segmentation and its application in Marketing

About 3 decades back, the tetra pack as well as sachets were difficult to come by. However, now when you go to a retail store, you will find both – Milk & soft drinks being sold in tetra packs, and shampoo as well as hair oil being sold in sachets. Before the customer concept, these were packaging sizes were unheard of.

Once marketing was customer oriented, it was important to understand the consumption pattern of customers and thereby come out with unique ways to meet these usage patterns. And hence, usage based segmentation was established. [Read more…]

How to segment or differentiate between brand loyal customers?

Brand loyalty is a principle studied in depth by all major companies. In fact, in segments like FMCG and medicine, brand loyalty goes a long way in making a company successful and sustainable. These companies then segment their customers on the basis of brand loyalty.

There are basically 4 types of brand loyal customers. [Read more…]

Using Event Marketing To Build Brand Equity

Event marketing

Why do people still travel to visit famous places when they can easily use apps like Google Earth to virtually “fly” there in seconds for free? Why travel to see the pyramids in Egypt or the wildlife in Yellowstone when there are plenty of online videos and pictures? Travelers get to take a few photos and return with memories, but again, they could get similar pictures and information online. [Read more…]

How to target youngsters for a product?

Target youngsters 2

There was a time when youngsters were characterized as people who are inexperienced, unlearned and make poor decisions. Most of these youngsters were supposed to make their decisions with the express permission of their parents. Do you think, that in 2016, youngsters are still taking permission from parents? They are not. [Read more…]

Marketing mix of Louis vuitton – Louis vuitton marketing mix

Marketing mix of Louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a prominent brand dealing with items related to fashion industry. Established in the year 1850, they have carved a name for themselves amongst the peers in the fashion industry by blending craftsmanship that is handmade with necessary but very least mechanization. This has resulted in maximized productivity along with qualitative products. Louis Vuitton has been relentless in their efforts to focus on the quality of all their products. The main competitors of this world famous brand are [Read more…]

Difference between Strategic marketing and marketing management

Strategic marketing vs Marketing management

Most of our readers get confused between Strategic marketing and marketing management. This article sets out to differentiate between both of them and explain to you what is the role of strategic marketing as well as the role of marketing management.

Strategic marketing and marketing management are similar yet different in various ways. The best way to explain this would be an example. [Read more…]

What is the need for Marketing strategy?

There are many reasons to define the need for marketing strategy to current businesses. Each of them is discussed below

1) The fight for market share – Each market is divided into shares, which are captured by the players of the market. This fight for market share is intensifying. Because of competition, margins are poor, and hence the increase of market share provides leverage to the company. To increase market share, companies need marketing strategy.

Market share in Marketing strategy

[Read more…]

The use of Convergence marketing for better reach

Convergence marketing 2

The word ‘’convergence’’ can be defined in different ways, depending on the field it is referred to. However, this word is more prevalent in IT field, where it is used with the meaning of the combination of two or more technologies in one device. By way of example, mobile phones are not just a device for communication anymore, but they also have the properties of a computer, gaming devices or TV. Therefore, all type of media has become more interactive and more portable. And hence, the onset of convergence marketing.  [Read more…]