August 31, 2014

Coke vs Pepsi in 7 print ads

Coke and Pepsi are the two brands which are known for their rivalry. The soft drink market is almost a duopoly market especially when it comes to cola wars. Whenever a marketer wants to take an example of brand rivalry, his discussion will be incomplete without taking the example of Coke vs Pepsi.

Coke has always behaved as the elder brother who is more mature and reserved and only wants what is best for the family. But Pepsi on the other hand has always taken on the elder brother and ensured that it is not hunky dory for the worlds leading cola brand. Both have had all kinds of wars including price wars, distribution wars, and trade discount / scheme wars.

Today we take a look at the Coke vs Pepsi war from the point of view of print ads of both Coke and Pepsi [Read more...]

Horizontal integration explained with examples

Horizontal integration

In a previous article we have been speaking about the vertical integration both backward and forward. It is time to introduce a new concept, the horizontal integration.

The simple definition of the horizontal integration is that it happens when two or more companies which produce the same or similar goods or provide the same/similar services merge together. When all the producers of goods/services merge, they create a monopoly. If on the other hand, they are still few competitors left after the merger there will be an oligopoly.

As in the case of vertical integration, horizontal integration has its own advantages and disadvantages. But first let’s take a look at some of the companies who have implemented this concept and to evaluate how successful they were. These are the examples of Horizontal integration. [Read more...]

Vertical integration – Three types of vertical integration

Vertical integration

Vertical integration is a process which is undertaken by the company to improve its control over the supply chain and give a better managed, more efficient and highly controlled supply chain. It mainly involves the parent company as well as its vendors and customers. The vendors (from whom material is obtained) are known to lie upstream. The customers are known to lie downstream. Vertical integration can be done with both – upstream vendors or downstream customers. [Read more...]

Fair and lovely men’s face wash with Saif ali khan and Yuvraj

Fair and lovely uses a double celebrity dose to promote its Fair and Lovely men’s face wash cream. It has been some time since both Saif ali khan and Yuvraj singh were seen together in an ad. In fact, its been almost a year. They are seen again in this Fair and lovely ad for its face wash cream. [Read more...]

12 Awesome Pepsi print ads

Creative Pepsi print ads 1

[Read more...]

Marketing mix of Mercedes Benz

Meredes Benz Marketing mix

The marketing mix of Mercedes Benz shows what a fantastic company Mercedes is, and how, as per Business Week Magazine, it is the top most recognized global automobile brands. This high profile success is not an accident but hard work, patience and excellent application of effective marketing strategy all rolled into one.

Mercedes benz is considered as the world’s oldest manufacturer of luxury carmaker and the reputation is unlikely to go away in the near future. This marketing mix looks at the company’s marketing and advertising strategies it has implemented over the years to establish itself as a leader in the fiercely competitive automobile industry.

Product in the marketing mix of Mercedes Benz

The name Mercedes Benz needs no introduction even to a toddler, but many people don’t know the inner story of this automobile giant and its line of products. As a matter of fact, Mercedes Benz has always been associated with the world class brand of cars, buses, coaches and tracks known for their luxurious nature. Mercedes Benz is not a company in itself; Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm May Bach call its parent company Daimler AG, which was founded, in 1890. [Read more...]

Reveal your true self with Clean and Clear

Customer testimonials are on the rise for most of the FMCG brand. And clean and clear uses the Customer testimonial format creatively to its advantage. The brand has come out with an amazing ad targeted towards teen girls who specifically have oily skin. With a brand like Clean and clear, we are sure the product must be good as well. [Read more...]

Business Expansion – The number 1 success strategy

Business Expansion

For a company to be successful, there are numerous requirements. Other experts will say that the marketing mix needs to be spot on. Or that the marketing strategy needs to be worked on and corrected regularly. Or more market research is needed. So on and so forth. With the rise of management as a field, the number of analysis reports have gone up as well. [Read more...]

Madhuri Dixit introduces the healthy Maggi oats noodles

For those who want healthy yet tasty food, here’s a good news. Maggi has taken a masaaledaar move by introducing 2 masala thing at once, one is the Maggi oats noodles which is good for your health and yet very tasty, and the second is the Bollywood masala of Madhuri dixit. All in all, it’s a smart move by a really smart marketer which is Nestle.

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Target market selection

Target market selection

Mass marketing, differentiated marketing, concentrated marketing, niche marketing, what do all these terms have in common? All these concepts involve the segments that your company is going to target.

The common phrase of “target market” has been heard by many of us and it represents a very important business concept. But how many of us actually succeed in identifying the correct group of people to whom we should sell our products? Or to whom we should direct our marketing efforts? In order to establish your target market, and for target market selection, you need to go beyond the thinking patterns of your customers, their buying habits and their needs. [Read more...]