January 20, 2017

Understanding the Product hierarchy and Product classification

One of the things which confuses many beginners in Marketing is the product hierarchy. There are just too many types of product classes like Product line, product mix, product type etc. However, this article tries to make it all simple.

To understand the product hierarchy, we will have to look not at a single product but the business as a whole. So in this example, we can take Volkswagen as a company and we will try to understand the Product hierarchy of Volkswagen.  [Read more…]

Marketing Mix Of Lowe Lintas – Lowe Lintas Marketing Mix

MullenLowe Lintas Group is frequently referred to as Lowe Lintas. It is a privately held company of Indian origin. Lowe Lintas was originally founded in the year 1969 and is associated with Marketing Communication industry. Lowe Lintas is a fully-owned subsidiary of its parent company Interpublic Group and also an integral part of MullenLowe Group. Some of its competitors in international arena are as follows-

  • MDC Partners
  • Havas
  • Publicis Group S. A.
  • Omnicom Group
  • Dentsu
  • Ogilvy and Mather
  • Walter Thompson Worldwide

Product in the Marketing Mix Of Lowe Lintas :

Lowe Lintas has emerged as a new, creative and independent agency. It is one of the largest and most sought-after communications group in India. Lowe Lintas is actually the advertising division of its owner company and has nearly three hundred and fifty clients in its kit. Some important brands that the company manages are as follows  [Read more…]

What is Product design and its Importance in Marketing?

If you actually compare Laptops and Desktops, they are just two types of product design of the same product – Personal computers. However, in the last several years, we have seen that the market share of Desktops has rapidly dropped and that of laptops has increased. This is all because of a simple change in Product design.

Product design is important to an organization or a brand as it differentiates the brands from others. We will always differentiate a Levi’s jeans from a Killer jeans or we will always say that Arrow shirts are different from Van heusen. This is because their product design is different.

Product design is the way you arrange the features and benefits of the product to be presented to the customer. The design can be a benefit in itself. When people used to listen to Boom box’s, Sony brought the Walkman and it was an instant hit. [Read more…]

Marketing Mix Of IDBI Bank – IDBI Bank Marketing Mix

Industrial Development Bank of India has been renamed as IDBI Bank and is under the ownership of Indian government. It is associated with Banking and Finance industry and deals in financial services. IDBI Bank was formed in the year 1964 and currently occupies a 10th position as world’s largest development-Bank in terms of reach to its customers. It has been able to create a definite position for itself through qualitative products, high level of speed in rendering services and latest technology. Some of its main competitions in banking sector are as follows-

  • Allahabad Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Axis Bank
  • HDFC
  • Andhra Bank

[Read more…]

Marketing Mix Of IFB – IFB Marketing Mix

Indian Fine Blanks Limited was later renamed as IFB and started its operations from the year 1974. IFB Group is associated with consumer goods, travelling and automobile industry. It is of Indian origins and guarantees excellence, technology and quality through its innovative products. IFB Group includes four companies of independent nature titled as follows-

  • IFB Industries Limited
  • IFB Travel Systems Limited
  • IFB Agro Limited
  • IFB Automotive Private Limited

The competition for IFB is from the following brands. [Read more…]

Marketing Mix Of Head & Shoulders – Head & Shoulders Marketing Mix

Head & Shoulders is a subsidiary of its parent company Procter & Gamble. It is associated with FMCG sector and offers products related to personal care. Head & Shoulders is of American origins and was introduced to the consumer market in the year 1961. The brand has targeted middle class and upper-middle class people as its target customers. Some of its rival companies are as follows-

  • Sunsilk
  • Unilever’s Clear
  • Clinic All Clear

Product in the Marketing Mix Of Head & Shoulders :

Head & Shoulders has been able to gain consumer trust because of its qualitative products. It is a hair care brand and deals in products related to anti-dandruff segment so that it may result in smooth and beautiful hair. It offers products for men, women and also products that can be used by everyone irrespective of gender. These are for the dry, itchy and sensitive scalp, for relief against dandruff and also for severe scalp conditions. Brand has a diversified product portfolio that includes- [Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Dunkin Donuts

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Dunkin Donuts

A strong niche – Fast food is a competitive segment in retail. But even in fast food, Subway concentrated on a unique niche which is why it could explore its own potential. This niche was Desserts like Donuts, Pastries, Bagels, Muffins, Cakes and whatnot – everything related to a bakery. Imagine the worlds largest bakery and you can understand what Dunkin Donuts does. Besides bakery items, coffee is a very big hit too. In fact, after 2003, Dunkin donuts started concentrating more on its Coffee then on its donuts.

Brand following – The brand is famous for two things – One is its Coffee / Donuts and the other is the Ice creams under Baskin Robbins. Both the brands have huge fan following and people love the food items that come out of both of these companies. In 2014, Dunkin Donuts changed its name to Dunkin Brands Inc and had 4 sub brands – Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Mr Donut and Togo’s franchise. It has a total revenue of 6.2 Billion dollars. [Read more…]

SWOT analysis of Volkswagen

One of the largest car makers in the world is Volkswagen. Interestingly, Volkswagen is the parent company whereas it has some major brands under its umbrella brand. Audi, Bugatti, Skoda, Bentley, BMW, Lamborghini and Porsche are some of the brands which are independent and yet a hit amongst the classes. Volkswagen itself tries to attract the masses with its basic and cost efficient models. It also has high range cars for the classes.

In 2015, Volkswagen and its sub brands together contributed to a sales figure of a whopping 213 Billion euros. In terms of numbers, it sold more then 10 million cars. There is no doubt that Volkswagen is one of the leading car manufacturers and we have even given the statistics in this article. Volkswagen is known for strategic acquisitions, and some of its major brands like Audi, Bentley, Porsche and others have come via Acquisitions.

[Read more…]

Marketing Mix of Oracle – Oracle Marketing Mix

Oracle is a public company that is associated with software industry and cloud computing. This is a multinational corporation of American origin and has its headquarters based in California in the United States. It was founded in the year 1977 by its co-founders Ed Oates, Bob Miner and Larry Ellison. In the year 2011, Oracle in terms of revenue was declared as second-largest in the manufacturing of software.  Oracle is basically a business-to-business organisation as its customers are not individuals but other companies and business organisations. Main competitors of Oracle are as follows –  [Read more…]

Marketing Mix Of Mars – Mars Marketing Mix

Mars is a family-managed private company of American origins. It was founded in the year 1911 by its founder Franklin Clarence Mars and is associated with Food processing industry.  According to Forbes as a privately-owned largest company it has been ranked at sixth position in the United States. Some of its competitors are as follows-

  • Cadbury’s 5 Star
  • Toblerone

Product in the Marketing Mix Of Mars :

Mars is a manufacturer and marketer of pet food, confectionery and a provider of services related to animal care. It divides its business into six segments like Symbioscience, drinks, Food, Wrigley, Chocolate and Petcare. The company is mainly known for producing confectionery items, although it also manufactures non-confectionery snacks and pet foods. Its product portfolio includes [Read more…]

Marketing Mix of Diet Coke – Coke Marketing Mix

Diet Coke is also referred to as Coca-Cola Light in few places and is a subsidiary of its parent company Coca-Cola. It is actually a soft drink without any sugar content and is associated with food and beverage industry. Diet Coke is distributed and manufactured by Coca-Cola and was introduced in the consumer market of United States in the year 1982. Currently, it is the third-largest soft drink sold in global markets. Some of its rivals are as follows-

  • Pepsi Max
  • Diet Pepsi

Product in the Marketing Mix of Diet Coke :

Diet Coke was a huge success story for Coca-Cola as it created record sales and overtook its existing brand Diet Cola. It was sweetened with artificial sweetener aspartame and had a separate formula for manufacturing which was different from Coca-Cola recipe. Calorie content of Diet Coke in 330 ml can is 1.3 kilocalories only. [Read more…]