January 22, 2017

Contributors needed / Guest Authors needed

Dear Reader, Welcome to Marketing 91.com and thanks for showing interest towards Contributing / Guest writing.

Marketing 91 is trying to become a leading marketing resource on the web. Thus I am daily updating it with News as well as tutorials. However, the topic of marketing (including advertising and branding) is huge and there’s lotss to talk about. Hence i would love to get some credit worthy articles.

I am listing some of the articles which can be submitted. Please make sure the articles are original and not plagiarised. You can mail me the articles at admin@marketing91.com. Here are a few topics you can write on.

  1. Informational Articles / Tutorials – In case you yourself want to write on your point of views regarding some topics in  marketing than you are most welcome.
  2. Marketing News – This is an area where i myself keep a track of. A marketing portal having latest marketing news is one thing missing on the internet. In case any latest news breaks through which i have missed than please feel free to inform me and i will immediately update it.
  3. Brand Success / Failure stories – Brand failures and brand success stories are the best tutor for anyone learning marketing. And i definitely need these stories. So if anyone has specially worked on these than kindly contribute with the same.
  4. Advertising / Global TV ads – Do you think you can review TV ads from time to time, or you can submit print ads? Please do so if you can. As i majorly concentrate on Marketing tutorials and Marketing news and hence am not able to  work on the creative aspects as offered by our media daily.
  5. Sector based articles – Are you in love with a specific sector such as Media, FMCG or consumer durables? No problem. Submit articles only of that sector as i have numerous categories dedicated to sector wise news and updates.
  6. Any business or Marketing related articles – If you love marketing and are passionate about it, Try writing about it. Trust me. Your focus will get more clearer when you write. So try writing an article or two for fun. If you enjoy it, you are always invited back.

Some Guidelines for writing articles

  1. KISS – Keep it short and simple 🙂 the advertising funda applies to writing as well.
  2. Keep it original – I will not entertain copy paste or plagiarised content. If you love marketing, you will love writing about it as well.
  3. Send me your credentials – Let the readers know about you. Let me know about you. Just basics. Where are you from and what are you doing. I will be updating the same along with every article. Bloggers will get a Backlink to their blog. (Stopped giving backlinks since a google penalty and Google penguin being real time)
  4. Kindly send formatted articles – I dont mean absolute formatting. Just that in case you have images, let me know where the images are to be displayed. And also, kindly avoiding spelling mistakes if possible.

If this website has helped you in any ways, or if you are looking for a tremendous marketing resource, than get involved and be a part of one of the best and growing marketing portal on the web. In case you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to hear from you

Hitesh Bhasin,

Admin @ Marketing91.com

Feedback and Enquiries are welcome.