January 20, 2017

Marketing Mix Of Axe – Axe marketing mix

Axe comes from the colorful house of Unilever. The home care brand Unilever caters to almost half of the world’s population; over the time brand has developed a sense of trust among people and tends to serve them with the best, every time.

Axe is one of the most popular products; it not only spoils people with hundreds of products to choose from but also serves an experience like never before. There are millions of deodorants in the market but only the likes of Adidas, Park Avenue and Nivea are in competition with Axe.

The business development and the product innovation team at Axe takes their work quite seriously hence we are lucky enough to see exquisite combination of quality product and exceptional marketing campaigns.

Product In The Marketing Mix Of Axe

Axe intricately understands that preferences differ from person to person hence; they have started creating products with a range. The Axe perfume and deodorants come in all shapes and sizes. The varied fragrances cater to the taste of people of all types. While kids are happy with the chocolate flavor, oldies are swaying it with Musk flavor.

Here’s a list of the most popular Axe Sprays:

  • Axe Essence
  • Axe Chocolate
  • Axe Phoenix
  • Axe Africa
  • Axe Hot Fever
  • Axe kilo
  • Axe Clix
  • Axe Vice

Besides the above, Axe also provides the following products

  • Axe Shower gels
  • Axe Shampoos
  • Axe Hair stylers

Place In The Marketing Mix Of Axe

Axe is sold in more than 200 countries and regions. The brand Axe is known with the name of Lynx in United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

With such a huge audience base, the product innovation team at Axe has tried to create sprays that cater to the needs of people from around the world. Axe Essence and Axe Musk are quite popular in Asian countries while Axe Africa is a rage among people from hotter region.

Axe has a solid penetration in urban as well as rural regions across the world and it is because of these penetration levels that Axe has become a solid brand overall.

Price In The Marketing Mix Of Axe

What makes Axe so popular is not only the exquisite range of product but also the smartly done pricing. Pricing has played an eminent role in making the brand popular among peers. A 150 ml spray is priced somewhere between 3-5 USD, which is quite affordable. The perfect range of product allows people to present the best of them to the world that too without making a whole in the pocket.

Users from India and its sub-continent are addicted to this classic brand. A 150 ml spray battle can be purchased against the payment of 200 INR. The product is durable, which makes it cheaper. Axe surely has a set of genius minds working on it. The exquisite range of product available for grab at such innocuous price is a cheat deal for everyone.

Axe is also known to use Bundling pricing where in it promotes 1 + 1 axe bundles or 2 + 2 Axe deo bundles. Along with this, the company also uses co operative marketing and the product can be bundled with some other product from within the house of Unilever.

Promotion In The Marketing Mix Of Axe

Axe products have been successful in winning the world because of the impressive campaigns. The enterprise has marketed the product quite smartly and ensured that everyone uses it at least once.

Axe has established some serious stereotypes and monotony in the ad world and almost every contemporary is following it. The sensuous ads where men who use Axe are shown as swaying with sexy models are the Unique Selling Proportion of this product.

FIND YOUR MAGIC is the tagline that moves the brand in all corners of the world. THE AXE EFFECT is just another tagline that has helped the brand acquire some huge market percentage.

The marketing geniuses have made this brand a success among people from all around the world. Axe is many times criticised for its sexism and its objectifying women in ads. But overall, the brand is mainly male targeted and the advertising has worked wonders for their brand equity.

Axe is here to stay and leverage people with access to more of classic sprays. The AXE EFFECT has helped hundreds of boys and men portray their swag in the best possible way.

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