November 26, 2015 tries hard and succeeds

You have to give a standing applause to the advertising team of They have planned and executed their act perfectly. The ad leaves you with a smile on your face because of its witty and rib tickling dialogues as well as the situation and the end, which will make you go “hurray, he got the girl”.

The ad runs on a simple concept that the proper lenses on your eyes can impress others. Some eye wear can be daunting, some can be plain whereas others can be plain ugly. This is depicted beautifully by focusing on a boy and a girl in a library. The boy asks the girl whether she would like to go for a cup of coffee.

The girl replies differently based on the type of glasses that the boy is wearing. The answers are hilarious and the comic timing gets you hooked on to the ad. Kudos to the actress who has given the best expressions which make you laugh. Finally, after lots of trials, the guy gets the girl to go out for coffee. The lesson learned –  the right lenses do make a difference. Get your right lens from

In the E-retail space, there are several smart advertisers like, OLX and Myntra who have given smart ads in the past. shows that they too can come with the right advertising message with a low budget which gives an excellent brand recall. All the best to the lenskart team.

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